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  • Why Do You Occupy? - Interviews At Occup...mp3
    Why Do You Occupy? - Interviews At Occup... pulsuz video
    http://matthewf.net On 9-30-11, the Matthew Filipowicz Show headed to the Occupy Boston rally, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, to ask the people "why they were there?" This is a small...
  • Why do you occupy youtub?mp3
    Why do you occupy youtub? pulsuz video
  • Why Do You Occupy AT&Tmp3
    Why Do You Occupy AT&T pulsuz video
    From the President of Local 3204 CWA, to those who will be personally uneffected by the layoffs, hear why folks decided to take time out of their lives to occupy in the cold month of February.
  • Why Do You Occupy Sacramento?mp3
    Why Do You Occupy Sacramento? pulsuz video
    http://occupysac.com/ In this video- Occupy Sacramento- OWS supporters, a Tea-Party member, Veterans, Veterans for Peace, UC Davis Students and everyday people are interviewed and asked- Why...
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  • Why Occupy?mp3
    Why Occupy? pulsuz video
    A compilation of Occupiers explaining what matters to them, and why they Occupy Wall Street. Student Labor Action Movement, St. Michael's College [[ Music Copyright Capitol Records (Foo...
  • Why do YOU Occupy?mp3
    Why do YOU Occupy? pulsuz video
    Everyone has different reasons for being out at these protests. This Veteran explains his reasons. I salute you!
  • Why do you occupy??mp3
    Why do you occupy?? pulsuz video
    Everydaypeoples went to join protesters during May Day and ask why do they occupy. Do you know why?
  • Why These Alabama Voters Are Sticking By...mp3
    Why These Alabama Voters Are Sticking By... pulsuz video
    These are the views of twelve conservative voters who gathered inside a Birmingham coffee house Thursday for a candid discussion about the senate race in their state. Voters dismissed many...
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  • Why I Will Occupymp3
    Why I Will Occupy pulsuz video
    October 15 2011 we will Occupy together as one world united http://www.occupytogether.org In Edmonton October 15, 12pm Churchill Square http://www.occupyedmonton.org http://www.facebook.com/...
  • Why Doesn
    Why Doesn't Japan Hate The US? pulsuz video
    Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml Despite tense relations in the past, the U.S. and Japan have become close political and social allies. So, why doesn't Japan hate the U.S.? Learn More:...
  • occupy plymouth documentary (why occupy)mp3
    occupy plymouth documentary (why occupy) pulsuz video
    a short documentary trying to give a balanced view on the reasons for the occupation and the public view of it.
  • Why do you support Occupy Edmonton?mp3
    Why do you support Occupy Edmonton? pulsuz video
    This is your outlet to express and be heard as to why you are joining and supporting the global movement "Occupy Together" This is for those individuals residing in Edmonton and who are specificall...
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  • Why We Occupy (2011)mp3
    Why We Occupy (2011) pulsuz video
    A short video looking into the reasons we are currently 'Occupying' the world.
  • Why Occupy Christianity is importantmp3
    Why Occupy Christianity is important pulsuz video
    Blase Bonpane, Director of the Office of the America & Retired Episcopal Bishop George Packard join Thom Hartmann. Since the Occupy Wall Street movement started more than 3 months again - it's...
  • Why Do We Occupymp3
    Why Do We Occupy pulsuz video
    Documentary about the Occupy Providence Movement. Looking at the people involved in the movement and their motivations.
  • 10 Countries That Are Impossible To Inva...mp3
    10 Countries That Are Impossible To Inva... pulsuz video
    When it comes to defence, some countries are just safer than others. From nations with massive militaries to states with unavailable terrain, we're counting down the 10 Countries That Would...
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  • Occupy Oakland - "Why Do You Have Shotgu...mp3
    Occupy Oakland - "Why Do You Have Shotgu... pulsuz video
    October 25, 2011: Two activists passionately ask Oakland police why they brought loaded shotguns and full riot gear to monitor unarmed citizens exercising their right to assemble and freedoms...
  • Why Palestinians Want This Video Removedmp3
    Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed pulsuz video
    The Arabs who occupy the land of Israel want this video to be removed . Feel free to copy this video and help spread the truth the palestinians seek to deny. Jerusalem : Muslims and Jews Or...
  • Businessman attempts to reason with demo...mp3
    Businessman attempts to reason with demo... pulsuz video
  • Occupy Central: Why do people protest?mp3
    Occupy Central: Why do people protest? pulsuz video
    Maclean's correspondent Jonathon Gatehouse reports from Hong Kong where 50000 protesters are packed into a tiny quadrant. From October 2014: http://www.macleans.ca/news/world/please-and-thanks-a...
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