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  • Manipulation Under Anaestheticmp3
    Manipulation Under Anaesthetic pulsuz video
    This video demonstrates a manipulation under anaesthetic for frozen shoulder. This includes an injection into the glenohumeral joint. For more videos and ...
  • Achilles Tendon Repair with Arthrex® Sp...mp3
    Achilles Tendon Repair with Arthrex® Sp... pulsuz video
  • Shoulder manipulation under anaesthesia ...mp3
    Shoulder manipulation under anaesthesia ... pulsuz video
    By Dr.S.K.Ajaiya Kumar.
  • MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) of t...mp3
    MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) of t... pulsuz video
    This video show a MUA of a shoulder after a traumatic injury and surgery.
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  • Acromioclavicular Reconstruction with Lo...mp3
    Acromioclavicular Reconstruction with Lo... pulsuz video
    AC reconstruction using Lockdown technique which wraps around the coracoid and on top of the clavicle to hold it down.
  • Arthroscopic AC-Joint Repair.m4vmp3
    Arthroscopic AC-Joint Repair.m4v pulsuz video
    Prof. Andreas B. Imhoffs Arthroscopic AC-Joint Repair at his 16th International Shoulder Course Munich 2011.
  • Reverse Shoulder  arthroplasty animationmp3
    Reverse Shoulder arthroplasty animation pulsuz video
    by Dr Ashish Babhulkar.
  • Knotless Quad Tendon Repairmp3
    Knotless Quad Tendon Repair pulsuz video
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  • Surgical Debridementmp3
    Surgical Debridement pulsuz video
    If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: http://www.nucleusinc.com/facebook http://www.nucleusinc.com/medical-animation This 3D animation provides ...
  • Arthrex   Achilles SpeedBridge™mp3
    Arthrex Achilles SpeedBridge™ pulsuz video
  • Arthroscopic Capsular Release for Frozen...mp3
    Arthroscopic Capsular Release for Frozen... pulsuz video
    Arthroscopic Capsular release.
  • LearningRadiology 32 (Hand Trauma)mp3
    LearningRadiology 32 (Hand Trauma) pulsuz video
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  • Shoulder Manipulation Under Anesthesiamp3
    Shoulder Manipulation Under Anesthesia pulsuz video
  • Breaking Down Scar Tissue - Manipulation...mp3
    Breaking Down Scar Tissue - Manipulation... pulsuz video
    Click Link Below to take the "7-Day Knee Pain Reduction Challenge" https://www.thekneepainguru.com/ For more great information on Manipulation Under ...
  • Arthroscopic Greater Tuberosity Fracture...mp3
    Arthroscopic Greater Tuberosity Fracture... pulsuz video
  • Arthroscopically assisted lower trapeziu...mp3
    Arthroscopically assisted lower trapeziu... pulsuz video
    www.shoulderelbow.org Dr. Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo.
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  • 1st dorsal interroseus avulsion and long...mp3
    1st dorsal interroseus avulsion and long... pulsuz video
    Post traumatic Index finger deformity. Exploration, correction and hand therapy lead to successful restoration of hand function.
  • Arthroscopic removal of calcium deposit ...mp3
    Arthroscopic removal of calcium deposit ... pulsuz video
    Randy Clark, MD from Coral Desert Orthopedics in St. George Utah narrates a video demonstration of calcium removal from a rotator cuff. He is an orthopedic ...
  • Double Pulley Surgerymp3
    Double Pulley Surgery pulsuz video
  • Treatment of Tendonosis: Ultrasound-Guid...mp3
    Treatment of Tendonosis: Ultrasound-Guid... pulsuz video
    Tendonosis is abnormal tissue structure caused by repetitive injury that leaves the tendon weakened and more likely to tear or rupture. This type of condition can ...
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