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  • Former Cop Has A Lot To Say On Police Br...mp3
    Former Cop Has A Lot To Say On Police Br... pulsuz video
    A Former police officer tells Fusion why he left the force, police brutality, and how institutional racism permeates police culture. Subscribe to Fusion: https://www.youtube.com/c/thisisfusion?sub...
  • Akala on Racism Against Blacks in the U....mp3
    Akala on Racism Against Blacks in the U.... pulsuz video
    Akala stopped by VladTV to talk with us about growing up bi-racial in the U.K., the differences between police brutality in the U.S. vs the U.K., and much much more. Akala let us know that...
  • ‘We kill only black people’: US poli...mp3
    ‘We kill only black people’: US poli... pulsuz video
    Dashcam footage has emerged showing a police lieutenant in the US telling a woman during a traffic stop that police only kill black people. The lieutenant was subsequently fired, with his police...
  • How to Deal with the Police | Parents Ex...mp3
    How to Deal with the Police | Parents Ex... pulsuz video
    SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CutSubscribe Watch more Parents Explain: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJic7bfGlo3r0SpOZqRzRAbJanLPG_7P- About Parents Explain: Sit down. We need to have...
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  • Little Simz Talks Racism in the UK + Aca...mp3
    Little Simz Talks Racism in the UK + Aca... pulsuz video
    UK born MC, Litte Simz talked to Ebro and the AM about racism and sexism, Grime music vs Hip Hop and changing her name. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/12lN6vb HOT97: http://www.hot97.com...
    IS RACISM OVER YET? pulsuz video
    you tell me.... ;) let's be facebook friends! http://www.facebook.com/officiallacigreen tweet me! - http://www.twitter.com/gogreen18 Tumblr for gifs & pics! (SFW) - http://lacigreen.tumblr.com...
  • Are The Police Racist?mp3
    Are The Police Racist? pulsuz video
    Are the police racist? Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Heather Mac Donald, a scholar...
  • Former Cop Reveals Racism & Violence Wit...mp3
    Former Cop Reveals Racism & Violence Wit... pulsuz video
    "As a kid, I got used to being stopped by the police. I grew up in an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis. It was the kind of place where officers routinely roughed up my friends and family for...
  • video yukle - video indir
    LAPD Finds NO RACISM In LAPD pulsuz video
    The LAPD has investigated 1356 complaints of racial profiling and found that they were all based without merit. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Jayar Jackson of The Young Turks discuss the...
  • Are All Cops Racist?: The Daily Showmp3
    Are All Cops Racist?: The Daily Show pulsuz video
    To determine whether cops are racist, Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. enlist a police bias training program. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: http://on.cc.com/YGynMX.
  • Keith Lamont Scott
    Keith Lamont Scott's Brother-in-Law: The... pulsuz video
    When television producer Ray Dotch covered the Ferguson protests and Baltimore riots, his intention was to share the reality of these events with the rest of the world. For more on #ForPeetesSake,...
  • Interview about "racist abuse" interrupt...mp3
    Interview about "racist abuse" interrupt... pulsuz video
    As Polish police officers begin patrolling Harlow tomorrow after a Polish man was killed there last month, in Leeds police are investigating yet another racially-aggravated assault against...
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  • The Game Claims LAPD And Hollywood Club ...mp3
    The Game Claims LAPD And Hollywood Club ... pulsuz video
    The LAPD and a popular L.A. nightclub have joined forces to keep black people and other minorities out of L.A. nightclubs -- so claims the Game -- but the LAPD is calling BS. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.s...
  • Black vs White Racism Social Experimentmp3
    Black vs White Racism Social Experiment pulsuz video
    Trollstation puts the public to the Racism Test will they pass or fail???? Click here to subscribe - http://goo.gl/hZyL47 Click here for Our VLOGS - http://goo.gl/3YASrr Follow Our Instagram...
  • The Nightly Show - Ice Cube and Common T...mp3
    The Nightly Show - Ice Cube and Common T... pulsuz video
    "Barbershop: The Next Cut" actors Ice Cube and Common join Larry for a conversation about the current state of race relations in America. Watch full episodes of The Nightly Show now -- no login...
  • Rell Talk Podcast: Racism within the Pol...mp3
    Rell Talk Podcast: Racism within the Pol... pulsuz video
    We are dealing with systematic racism at every turn, exposing those who practice racism makes think twice about their actions.
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  • President Trump
    President Trump's Very Bad Day & Law Enf... pulsuz video
    Police body-cams catch Baltimore cops planting evidence in drug cases, and a Stanford University study uncovers racial disparity in routine traffic stops. Watch full episodes of The Daily...
  • Turns Out Cops Really Are Racist, Accord...mp3
    Turns Out Cops Really Are Racist, Accord... pulsuz video
    Real talk from the FBI Director Subscribe to Complex for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/ComplexMag https://www.facebook.com/c...
  • Hollywood Actress Refuses To Show Police...mp3
    Hollywood Actress Refuses To Show Police... pulsuz video
    "'Django Unchained' star Daniele Watts claims she was unlawfully detained by police Thursday after they saw her kissing her white boyfriend in a car and allegedly mistook her for a prostitute....
  • Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VIC...mp3
    Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VIC... pulsuz video
    On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By Saturday evening three people...
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