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  • Guiding Principles of Institutional Revi...mp3
    Guiding Principles of Institutional Revi... pulsuz video
    Johns Hopkins experts discuss the critical role of an Institutional Review Board in research involving human subjects and the guiding principles they operate by: ...
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Challen...mp3
    Institutional Review Board (IRB) Challen... pulsuz video
    This webinar, held on May 27th, 2015, offers case studies to support the determination of whether Institutional Review Board (IRB) review is needed for various ...
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration 201...mp3
    Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration 201... pulsuz video
    Johns Hopkins' 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration takes place on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017. This year's keynote speaker is Robert Higgins, MD.
  • Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Research Projec...mp3
    Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Research Projec... pulsuz video
    http://psychedelicscience.org Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/iDxKcXvTwquH/info/ Johns Hopkins ...
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  • How does colon cancer metastasize?mp3
    How does colon cancer metastasize? pulsuz video
    Scientists at IRB Barcelona discover a key process that allows colon cancer to metastasize The study, published in the prestigious journal Cancer Cell, reveals ...
  • Masses For The Masses - Mass Spectrometr...mp3
    Masses For The Masses - Mass Spectrometr... pulsuz video
    Masses For The Masses - Celebrating the widespread use of Mass Spectrometry. Name of the speaker: Marta Vilaseca (Core Facility Manager) Lab name: Mass ...
  • What Johannes Urpelainen ( Researcher at...mp3
    What Johannes Urpelainen ( Researcher at... pulsuz video
    Johannes Urpelainen is the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Professor of Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE) at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced ...
  • IPPCR 2016: Mock IRBmp3
    IPPCR 2016: Mock IRB pulsuz video
    IPPCR 2016: Mock IRB Air date: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 5:00:00 PM Category: IPPCR Runtime: 01:54:32 Description: The Introduction to the Principles and ...
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  • Kelly Hopkins- why persons with a disabi...mp3
    Kelly Hopkins- why persons with a disabi... pulsuz video
    New Brunswicker Kelly Hopkins lives with Multiple Sclerosis. She has participated in medical research to improve her health and quality of life...and for her peers ...
  • Research Techniques Spring 2019  Ribosom...mp3
    Research Techniques Spring 2019 Ribosom... pulsuz video
  • The Mind-Gut Connection | A Woman's ...mp3
    The Mind-Gut Connection | A Woman's ... pulsuz video
    Our gastrointestinal tract is governed by its own brain, known as the enteric nervous system. And, the gut contains more neurons than our spinal cord. Learn how ...
  • Celebrating a decade of discovery in the...mp3
    Celebrating a decade of discovery in the... pulsuz video
    2015 marks the ten-year anniversary of the founding of IRB Barcelona. This video celebrates a decade of discovery in the biomedical sciences with its staff and ...
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  • Henrietta Lacks | Her Impact and Our Out...mp3
    Henrietta Lacks | Her Impact and Our Out... pulsuz video
    To honor the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks, this video highlights her impact on biomedical research and the efforts of Johns Hopkins Medicine to pay ...
  • IRB & Informed Consentmp3
    IRB & Informed Consent pulsuz video
    Morgan Yoder, Jovonna Jewell, Shannon Doherty, & Jenna Lopatka discussing IRB & building an informed consent.
  • Christmas Comes Early For Patients At Ho...mp3
    Christmas Comes Early For Patients At Ho... pulsuz video
    Christmas comes early for a special group of kids at the Holtz Children's Hospital.
  • Webinar: Understanding Digital Healthmp3
    Webinar: Understanding Digital Health pulsuz video
    Digital technologies are changing the healthcare sector at an unprecedented pace. Learn about this rapidly evolving field of "digital health" in this complimentary ...
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  • A “key” discovery: Targeting DNA kno...mp3
    A “key” discovery: Targeting DNA kno... pulsuz video
    At least 85% of cancer cells take advantage of cellular processes controlled by unusual DNA “knots” known as guanine quadruplexes. Caitlin Miron, PhD ...
  • Meet Anthony Keyesmp3
    Meet Anthony Keyes pulsuz video
    Mr. Keyes, the Research Program Manager for the Division of Rheumatology, works very closely with the research staff to make sure research is being done ...
  • Participating in Social & Behavioral...mp3
    Participating in Social & Behavioral... pulsuz video
    This video provides basic information about social and behavioral research. Go to https://www.hhs.gov/about-research-participation/ ... for more information ...
  • People & Perspectives: Nancy Kass, S...mp3
    People & Perspectives: Nancy Kass, S... pulsuz video
    After her education at Stanford and work with women's health and the HIV community in Northern California, Nancy Kass moves to Johns Hopkins to begin a ...
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