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    • Naval Defense : How Submarine
      Naval Defense : How Submarine's Evolved ... pulsuz video
    • Submarines (The History)mp3
      Submarines (The History) pulsuz video
    • Meet the First Submarine Used in Combatmp3
      Meet the First Submarine Used in Combat pulsuz video
      The "Turtle" was the first submersible used in underwater combat. Even though it wasn't completely successful, it did set the precedent for submersible combat.
    • Number of submarines per countrymp3
      Number of submarines per country pulsuz video
      Submarines are an important part of the naval forces of any maritime country. Number of submarines vary from one country to another country. Number of ...
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    • evolution "sub marine"mp3
      evolution "sub marine" pulsuz video
    • evolution - sub marinemp3
      evolution - sub marine pulsuz video
    • The Invention And Development of Submari...mp3
      The Invention And Development of Submari... pulsuz video
      Submarine warfare is one of the lasting impacts of World War 1. Especially the unrestricted submarine warfare by the German navy was a big problem for the ...
    • BBC Documentary - Super Sub USS Submarin...mp3
      BBC Documentary - Super Sub USS Submarin... pulsuz video
      National Geographic Documentary Megastructures Super Sub USS Submarines Ultimate Structures - BBC Documentary History Nazi Megastructure USS ...
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    • The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navymp3
      The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy pulsuz video
      USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear ...
    • The Technical History of the Submarinemp3
      The Technical History of the Submarine pulsuz video
      This about the history of submarine design.
    • Top 10 Declassified Nuclear Submarine De...mp3
      Top 10 Declassified Nuclear Submarine De... pulsuz video
      Nuclear submarines are at the pinnacle of modern marine warfare. The design & engineering of these nuclear submarine monuments have been closely ...
    • History of Submarinemp3
      History of Submarine pulsuz video
      John Philip Holland emigrated to the United States in 1873. In 1875 his first submarine designs were submitted for consideration by the U.S. Navy, but turned ...
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    • Building The Ultimate Submarine (Full En...mp3
      Building The Ultimate Submarine (Full En... pulsuz video
      People have dreamed of building a submarine for hundreds of years, but only in recent history have we had the technology to do so. Explore to incredible design ...
    • Mega Submarine Documentary - Life Inside...mp3
      Mega Submarine Documentary - Life Inside... pulsuz video
      Mega Submarine Documentary - Life Inside A Military Submarine - Military Documentary Channel A submarine is a boat capable of independent use underwater ...
    • Nuclear Submarines |  History Channel Do...mp3
      Nuclear Submarines | History Channel Do... pulsuz video
      Nuclear Submarines | History Channel Documentary A nuclear submarine is a submarine powered by a nuclear reactor. The performance advantages of ...
    • Submarines! | Mean Machinesmp3
      Submarines! | Mean Machines pulsuz video
      The Mean Machines crew look into the evolution and development of submarines, from the German VIIC U-boat that saw service in World War Two to the Royal ...
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    • An experimental approach to submarine ca...mp3
      An experimental approach to submarine ca... pulsuz video
      How do submarine canyons form? Submarine canyons are major underwater routes for transporting rapidly-moving water that is heavy with sediment from the ...
    • Subnautica - MASSIVE ATLAS SUBMARINE UPD...mp3
      Subnautica - MASSIVE ATLAS SUBMARINE UPD... pulsuz video
    • Submarine Simulators 1982-2015mp3
      Submarine Simulators 1982-2015 pulsuz video
      This video shows selected clips of all the major submarine simulator game titles from 1982 to 2015 listed below. CREDITS Mark Renier: film projector thingy ...
    • [Eatme.io] Legendary Submarinemp3
      [Eatme.io] Legendary Submarine pulsuz video
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